lkab and orica working to apply wireless blasting generation underground at kiruna mine

an ongoing studies venture at lkab’s kiruna underground iron ore mine in sweden is aiming to use the modern-day underground blasting era. the venture concerns wi-fi in-hollow primers – and a more secure and extra green mine. “we commenced underground testing in early might also and, in june, we plan to behavior the initial exams,” says michal grynienko, engineer at lkab in kiruna.

orica, the explosives and blasting era principal, and swedish iron ore mining organization lkab are working together on the usage of wireless underground blasting era together with factors of orica’s webgen™ machine. “right now we are undertaking checks in production region 41, at stage 1051, in the kiruna mine,” says grynienko.

in contrast to traditional underground blasting, wherein the sample of multiple blast prices is connected together with, among different matters, pentrite, so-referred to as detonating twine, wi-fi blasting is precisely because the call implies – wireless. there’s no wire community and no detonating cord, that’s the conventional approach of linking the blast organization and the initiator. the wi-fi blasting technology is primarily based on wi-fi primers which are inserted into a sequence of holes which might be drilled upward into the orebody.

“growing this era has many advantages. mainly, safety, on the grounds that technicians are uncovered to much less chance throughout priming, this is to mention, the preparatory work of hooking up all of the wire network and detonation cords,” says grynienko, continuing, “this operation is completely removed, thanks to this generation.” a in addition development is the opportunity of detonating greater blast holes. in other words, blast holes that have been damaged or are unstable can be fired extra correctly.

a wireless primer is a rod that is inserted upward into the charged drill hole. every primer consists of a battery/receiver, a booster and a detonator, primary additives for blasting. thus, the primer is three components incorporated into a unmarried component. the technology also incorporates an antenna, a transmitter and a receiver. the transmitter generates and sends a signal via the antenna and a receiver inside the primer alternatives up the signal,” explains grynienko.

the sign initiates blasting from a distance, just as it might if blasting have been initiated manually through a handheld transmitter manipulate. the machine’s communication makes use of an antenna, that’s placed approximately 250 m from the blasting region, at the same time as in the case of a hand-held transmitter manage, the tool must be placed a good deal further away. which means blasting may be initiated from a distance, even from floor degree, a long way away from the blasting region.

“the magnetite poses certain demanding situations, because of its magnetic houses. this places excessive needs at the machine, in terms of registering the alerts,” says grynienko. the wireless primers can sit down dormant inside the blasting organization for about 30 days previous to the real initiation of blasting. this is a bendy answer to be able to be examined in several areas that area particularly high needs at the layout of the blasting pattern and development, as an instance, when new production areas are opened.

“those primers are well suited with our explosives, the emulsion we use, that is a precondition for trying out this era,” says grynienko, persevering with, “that is a completely huge undertaking and collaboration began approximately four years ago. we were working very closely with our production humans and with orica to recognize the task.”

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