amber heard’s legal professional visible ‘crying in the bathroom’ of courtroom rest room

amber heard’s legal professional elaine bredehoft has been seen breaking in down in tears in the rest room of the fairfax county circuit courthouse in virginia.

court docket attendees took to social media to expose that the actress’ legal professional changed into seen headed to the ladies’ room “crying” after remaining arguments have been heard within the high-profile case.

johnny depp is suing his former wife for $us50 million ($a69.6 million), claiming she defamed him when she referred to as herself “a public determine representing home abuse” in an opinion piece she wrote for the washington publish.

in a twitter submit, one user stated bredehoft seemed to be visibly disillusioned as she left the courtroom.

“overdue after trial, earlier than the jury went home, #elainebredehoft left for the toilet crying. all of us felt terrible for her,” he wrote.

“after she came out, we tried to make her smile. i hope it helped.”

the equal twitter user later delivered: “we don’t know why she become crying, however we all cited how it ought to be tough for her to deal with all of this public interest even as protecting a client she in all likelihood doesn’t like.”

former la district attorney emily d. baker addressed the reports in a recent livestream on her youtube channel, pronouncing she sympathised with bredehoft.

“crying after a case like this, there is no shame for, it is a launch of emotion,” she said.

“this had to be a difficult case for elaine, i might by no means want to strive.

“and i’m going to be hard on elaine because she mocked johnny depp’s voice and there have been a few other things that i definitely didn’t like that she did.

“but that is a tough case to attempt, it’s far hard to do that in front of the public eye.

“six-week trials are onerous. exhausting.

“so i do no longer fault her for crying, it’s far a totally human response after a very lengthy trial.”

the legal professional – who has emerged as a main commentator on the excessive-profile defamation case – raised other viable tensions that might’ve result in the emotional show.

she speculated that bredehoft ought to’ve been feeling flustered after her co-suggest ben rottenborn spent a long time delivering his last argument, giving her little time to supply her cope with to the jury.

“i still assume in last, she didn’t get the amount of time she notion,” baker said.

“i wonder if rottenborn rolled over.

“i’m wondering – this is natural speculation, pure speculation – if rottenborn ran over what he had allotted for final and i wonder if elaine then felt on the lower back foot to ought to cram the whole lot she wanted to mention in no time.

“she does now not seem to paintings properly under that kind of time strain, i can recognize that.

“look there are days in which it’s like ‘oh we’ve been streaming for 3 hours, how the f*** did that happen?’i simply don’t recognise.

“or turned into rottenborn trying to minimise the quantity of time she was earlier than the jury? don’t recognise. that might probable now not go well behind the scenes. is it feasible? anything’s viable.”

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